Doing Our Best to Combat the Spread of COVID-19 Bloom Living is taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously. We have adapted many protocols and are following the guidance of local and federal authorities to best protect our community. Above all else, our goal is to protect the wellbeing of our residents and create a positive environment where each resident can thrive. Below are just a few precautions we’re taking at Bloom:
  • Staff members are being screened at the start of each shift.
  • All employees are wearing masks at all times.
Our community is currently allowing residents to entertain guests and family members, but we are asking visitors to be respectful of all our residents by taking a few added precautions. All guests are asked to follow the below guidelines while visiting a Bloom resident:
  • Complete a self-screen prior to entry
  • We recommend you wear a face mask when visiting.
As time goes on and we learn more about COVID-19, we may change the above guidelines to better protect the wellbeing of our residents and staff. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our community directly at 913.738.4335.